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First weekend in the red zone, two bars closed in Sassari

The locals, despite anti-Covid bans, served drinks inside or in the immediate vicinity
(archivio l unione sarda)
(archivio L'Unione Sarda)

Weekend of checks in Sassari to ensure compliance with anti-Covid 19 regulations.

The agents of the command of via Carlo Felice of the local police were engaged in posts ofblockat the entrance and exit of the city.

Out of over one hundred controlled businesses, two bars closed because they served drinks inside or in the immediate vicinity of the venue. Three medium-sized sales structures in the Predda Niedda and viale Porto Torres area were also sanctioned because they allowed the purchase of products that in the red areas should be forbidden tocustomers.

"To those who believe that it is better not to respect the law because the earnings exceed the penalty, I remember that in Sassarialsothe closure of the business forat least five days, up to thirty "comments the mayor of Sassari Nanni Campus.

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