Heroin, sling bars and bullets: an algherese in handcuffs

Arrest validated, he ended up under house arrest
(foto guardia di finanza)
(foto Guardia di finanza)

They stalked and caught him handing a dose of heroin to a woman. The latter was reported as a consumer, while the drug dealer, a middle-aged man from Alghero, was stopped by the Alghero Finance Police for a more thorough check.

A home search was then taken during which the financiers found 19 doses of heroin ready to be marketed, an additional 4 grams of narcotic substance, as well as a considerable amount of wrapping material, precision sling bars and 49 6.35 caliber bullets. , found, the latter, in the immediate vicinity of the house.

The military tightened the handcuffs around the drug dealer's wrists. At the end of the direct trial against the man, the arrest was validated and the measure of house arrest was confirmed.

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