under the arcades

Sassari, dies of a heart attack in the center

The attempts to revive him were useless
i soccorritori sul posto (foto l unione sarda tellini)
I soccorritori sul posto (foto L'Unione Sarda - Tellini)

Tragic episode in the late morning in Sassari, in via Brigata Sassari, under the arcades, in the center.

A pensioner suddenly collapsed to the ground unconscious. Passers-by gave him first aid and immediately called the ambulance, which arrived a few minutes later.

The doctors and the staff of the rescue vehicle tried to revive the man in every way, including with cardiac massages and defibrillator. All attempts were unsuccessful.

Most likely the pensioner was struck by a fulminant heart attack, one of those that leave no way out. However, it will be the autopsy to establish it with certainty. Local police officers who have cordoned off the area are also on site.

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