"Forbidden" lunch in Sardara, Mandas are asked to resign Oppus from the office of mayor

Here are the directors who are presenting the request in view of the meeting scheduled for tomorrow
umberto oppus (archivio l unione sarda)
Umberto Oppus (Archivio L'Unione Sarda)

He was the first, among the participants in the now well-known "forbidden" lunch in Sardara, to admit his presence and after the letter of dispute signed by the President of the Region, now for Umberto Oppus the request for resignation from his office has also arrived of Mayor of Mandas sent by the opposition of the City Council. The directors who signed the document are Letizia Demontis and Paolo Rocchitta of the Bentu Nou group, together with the group leader of the Uniti per Mandas group, Marco Pisano.

Tomorrow the City Council is scheduled, meanwhile the councilors write: "Considering the deplorable and unjustifiable events in Sardara, which saw, among others, the mayor of Mandas Umberto Oppus; taking note of his due resignation, still not formalized , from the role of Director General of the Department of Local Authorities of the Sardinia Region; interpreting the sense of profound indignation and widespread dismay among fellow citizens and not only, who with great civic sense have scrupulously respected the provisions of the authorities for more than a year now; they would have expected an agenda with the resignation of the Mayor and a contradiction, rather than a convocation to participate in a City Council in which only the 'statements of the mayor' should be heard, following an event that has ridiculed Mandas at the regional level and national ".

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