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Bones found in Uta: they are by Marco Frau, who passed away in 2019

The comparison of the DNA samples gave a positive result

They are by Marco Frau, 54 years old from Villasimius who died in 2019, the bones found in Uta in recent days.

The confirmation of the hypothesis came after the tests conducted by the police of the Ris.

"At the conclusion - explains a note of the inqurienti - of the complex laboratory tests consisting of comparative biomolecular analyzes conducted on the nails taken by the coroner on the residues of skeletal remains found in Uta inside a grave drain in Via Ponte, is A genotypic profile attributable to a male subject was extrapolated, complete for all 24 genetic markers studied and internationally known ".

"The subsequent comparison of the DNA profile - continue the men of the Arma - with the one obtained from a comparison sample belonging to the deceased Frau Marco, consisting of a toothbrush, already in use at the deceased, provided a positive result with consequent judgment of genetic concordance ".

"The fundamental analytical results - the investigators conclude - were obtained with an exceptionally rapid timing, thanks to the application of a peculiar extraction protocol, adopted by the RIS Carabinieri of Cagliari, which involves the use of nails taken from the cadaveric remains, in place of the classic samples of compact bones and / or teeth which require, on the other hand, lengthy, expensive and potentially fruitless analyzes: the very composition of the nails, particularly resistant to environmental insults and the effects of decomposition, protects the DNA molecules from phenomena of degradation ".

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