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They go around and do not respect the curfew, fines in Villaputzu and San Vito

For a 57 year old and a 34 year old a 400 euro fine
(foto carabinieri)
(foto carabinieri)

A barrage of fines for violating the night curfew.

Last night in Villaputzu, in Via Croce, during a service to check compliance with the containment measures of the Covid-19 epidemic, staff of the mobile radio rate of the Carabinieri Company of San Vito fined a 57-year-old for 400 euros of the place who walked on foot alone without any reason, violating the curfew. The man was also reported to the Prefecture of Cagliari.

The same happened at one o'clock, in San Vito in Via Nazionale, where a 34-year-old was sanctioned for the same reason.

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