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Senorbì, six mobile phones stolen in the locker room during a training: the perpetrators discovered

The eight users of the devices have been identified: they are all foreigners
(foto carabinieri di cagliari)
(foto carabinieri di Cagliari)

The perpetrators of a theft that took place on February 7, 2019, inside the changing rooms of the municipal sports field of Senorbì, were discovered by the carabinieri, when unknown persons had stolen six mobile phones, left unattended during a training of young players from the local "Polisportiva".

By associating the identification code of each stolen mobile phone (IMEI) with the SIM cards and their holders, the military, with the help of various telephone companies and the decree of the Public Prosecutor's Office, managed to trace eight users of those devices, which used between February and December 2019. This is an Algerian resident in Elmas, an untraceable Pakistani, a Burkina Faso citizen domiciled in Cagliari, a Malian resident in Cagliari, a Bengali resident in Syracuse but untraceable, a fellow countryman resident in Cagliari but homeless, another compatriot resident in Rome but untraceable, and finally a Sudanese resident in Milan, but not traceable. Two of these mobile phones were found and recovered in Cagliari, with the collaboration of the Carabinieri of Stampace.

The guilty will be tried, even in absentia, for receiving stolen goods.

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