Capoterra, the storm brings Frutti d'Oro I to its knees

The water has now invaded the streets of the condominium
il mare ha invaso le strade di frutti d oro (foto murgana)
Il mare ha invaso le strade di Frutti d'Oro (foto Murgana)

Streets completely flooded, residents trapped in their homes: the storm that is hitting the coast of Capoterra is creating inconvenience especially to Frutti d'Oro I.

The water has now invaded the streets of the condominium: the waves climb over the wall that protects the seafront and, without finding obstacles, they hit the main road.

Giovi Fasciolo, administrator of the Frutti d'Oro I condominium is worried: "The sea is penetrating the coastal stretch where the boulders have not been placed to protect the road, if the safety measures had been completed we would not be with the water at the level of the pavements. Yet to make our condominium safer, only six or seven more trucks of stones would be enough to stem the storms ". The fear is that the sea water pushed by the storm is also added to the rain coming from the State Road 195. "If the rain were to increase in intensity, as always happens in these circumstances, the difference in height would pour this amount of water towards our roads - says Fasciolo -, at that point it would be impossible to avoid flooding inside the houses ".

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