the operation

Blitz in Quartu, the Nas seize an illegal meat shop

The goods were destined for butchers and large businesses in Cagliari and the province

They managed an illegal laboratory and a warehouse in Quartu Sant'Elena, with a large quantity of food products of animal origin (mainly pork), fresh, packaged and partly already cooked, intended to supply butchers and large shops in Cagliari and the province . As part of an operation by the Carabinieri of the Cagliari Antisophistications and Health Unit, the owners of two companies were reported to the health authority and reported for the crime of "fraud in the exercise of trade".

The structure did not have the necessary authorization for operation and was intended for the processing and cooking of meat and food of various kinds. The building was in poor sanitary conditions with animal fat on the floors, walls and inside the cold rooms.

The equipment used for cooking is considered unsuitable and unsuitable for the preparation of food intended for human consumption. All seized: building, cold rooms, about a ton and a half of meat of various origins and two vans that were systematically used for the transport and delivery of food products to buyers.

The total commercial value is approximately one million euros.

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