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The tragedy of Quartucciu, the date of the funeral of the Pisu spouses has been set

The husband killed his wife, then shot himself
antonio pisu e la moglie (archivio l unione sarda)
Antonio Pisu e la moglie (Archivio L'Unione Sarda)

The funeral of Antonio Pisu and his wife Giuseppina Picciau will take place tomorrow morning at 11 in Quartucciu. Last act of the Friday night tragedy in via Neghelli, not far from the church where the funeral is scheduled.

The two bodies were delivered to the family yesterday after the necropsy carried out by the coroner Roberto Demontis who confirmed what was ascertained by the carabinieri of Quartu (directed by Major Valerio Cadeddu), immediately after the dramatic episode in the home of the two elderly spouses.

Antonio Pisu fired a shot in the face of his wife and then committed suicide by turning the weapon against himself. A tragedy that shook Quartucciu. Tomorrow the last act of a story that has moved everyone. Antonio Pisu was a former insurer, Giuseppina Picciau a former teacher (84 and 81 years old). A well-known and respected couple.

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