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Terralba, Covid does not turn off the country's Christmas tree

The historic fir tree in Piazza Cattedrale is among the highest on the island
l albero che verr allestito (foto l unione sarda pinna)
L'albero che verrà allestito (foto L'Unione Sarda - Pinna)

The traditional side markets will not be there.

But the Christmas tree will not be missing: its lighting in Terralba has always been a real event that attracts many people, including citizens of neighboring countries. The Municipality, despite the sad period and the many Christmas initiatives skipped due to the pandemic, has decided to give the town the Christmas atmosphere.

As always, the historic fir tree in Piazza Cattedrale, about 30 meters high, will be set up. It is the highest in the province: every year it leaves above all children breathless. Since 2015 the Municipality has decided to set up and illuminate the huge tree for Christmas, which year after year becomes higher and higher, becoming a real attraction.

Before long the workers will begin the work of setting up. For the initiative, the Municipality of Terralba is making 5 thousand euros available. The tree that will most likely be lit on December 8, the day of the Immaculate Conception, will remain illuminated until Epiphany.

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