the Sardinian colonel

Kosovo, an Oristano at the head of the NATO mission

"Let's go back to the Balkans to continue to guarantee support, peace and security"

There is also a piece of Oristano in the western part of Kosovo: leading the international peace mission is Gianluca Figus, a colonel born and raised in the Sacro Cuore district where he has many memories and where his parents and sister live.

Commander of the fifth "Superga" rocket launcher land artillery regiment stationed in Portogruaro (Venice), Figus 46 years ago returned to Kosovo to lead the multinational unit composed of Italian Army and Air Force troops (as well as Austrian and Moldovan contingents , Slovenes, Turks, Poles and Swiss). "Let us return to the Balkan region after seven years and continue on the path traced by our predecessors - he reiterated - the important task of continuing to guarantee the Kosovo institutions support in maintaining security and stability awaits us". Figus, who in the past also participated in the ISAF mission in Afghanistan, is well aware that this is a very special period "characterized by the Covid-19 emergency which, however, will not compromise the ability of the Kfor mission to conduct the various operations".

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The support of the Italian contingent to the institutions and the local population is also noteworthy: in recent months computers, school furnishings and teaching materials have been donated. "We of the Superga regiment have already made donations to women who are in difficulty," he added. Professional sewing machines, irons and other tailoring tools have been donated by the mission to the Jeta association which will organize professional courses for women who are victims of violence or who are in a precarious situation.

Delicate commitments carried out with the passion of all time and the thought turned to his land. "Oristano is my city, there are my parents and my sister; whenever possible I always come home and I miss Sartiglia so much".

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