In handcuffs

Tortolì, attempted robbery in a tobacconist: young man under arrest

The man, who fled with his helmet visor up, was identified by the carabinieri

Robbery attempt against a well-known tobacco shop in Tortolì.

Responsible for the gesture was a young man, who entered the room with a weapon and his face hidden by a helmet and then fled.

It happened late yesterday morning . The young man, who left with his helmet visor up, was however identified by the carabinieri, who tracked him down after a few hours.

The man was found right near his home, where the military recovered the clothing used for the robbery, the helmet and the weapon that later turned out to be a toy. Also nearby is the vehicle used for the escape, with all the material then sequestered.

The young man was then transferred to the Tortolì prison, at the disposal of the judicial authorities.

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