Turning point in the Longoni murder: a 56-year-old from Girasole was arrested

Daniele Conigiu was also seriously injured in the ambush

Revenge for a theft of donkeys would be the motive for the crime that saw as victim Fabio Longoni , the farmer killed in Villagrande in 2017, and the wounding of Daniele Conigiu, both hit in the country's countryside.

The investigations underwent an important turning point yesterday when, as established in the provision of the Gip of Lanusei, Francesco Alterio, at the request of the prosecutor Biagio Mazzeo, the alleged perpetrator of the murder and attempted murder was arrested. This is Fabio Fois, a 56-year-old resident of Girasole, already convicted of the flash kidnapping of the son of the director of the Loceri Post Office. The man was taken to the Lanusei prison pending interrogation under guarantee.

This morning, in a conference at the Provincial Command of the Carabinieri of Nuoro, the Prosecutor Mazzeo, owner of the investigations, and the commander of the Compagnia dei Carabinieri of Lanusei Giuseppe De Lisa, provided the details of the operation.

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Fois, according to the reconstruction of the prosecutor, took revenge against Conigiu and Longoni, holding them responsible for stealing his donkeys the year before. But then there is a dismissal suffered by Fois, an employee of the funeral parlor of Daniele Conigiu's sister, which allegedly unleashed the murderous fury: after an argument with the owner he was thrown out and his place was taken by Fabio Longoni.

It was an environmental interception in July 2018 that framed the 56-year-old: the suspect was talking to a friend inside his car and told some details of the moments after the ambush, after the victims had escaped on foot (Longoni was dead after 150 meters, while Conigiu had suffered a slight injury to his calf) and he had taken possession of the Audi A3 driven by Conigiu to escape.

"I didn't talk inside the car and I didn't sneeze" he would have said to his friend, worried because in those days he had received a warranty notice for the technical assessment of the car.

Finally, on Fois, defended by the lawyer Marcello Caddori, a series of converging circumstantial elements weigh. "I am satisfied with the fact that we managed to arrest a murderer and at least this time we have dispelled the cliché of impunity in Ogliastra - said Prosecutor Mazzeo - This is only the first step but I am sure that the arrested person will be sentenced ".

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