Tragedy due to bad weather:
in Bitti two dead and two missing

Roads transformed into rivers due to heavy rains

Two dead and two missing in Bitti due to bad weather.

The dramatic budget has been updated with respect to the first information that spoke of a victim and a missing person and is confirmed by the Civil Protection.

The country, as well as much of Sardinia, is hit in these hours by heavy rains and strong winds.

The two victims are a small town trapped in a basement, and a farmer prisoner of his off-road vehicle.

The telephone lines are useless. The only communication channel is a radio link of the carabinieri, from which the mayor himself, Giuseppe Ciccolini, communicates. The mayor, as early as this morning, had asked his fellow villagers for caution.

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Streets transformed into rivers (video by Marilena Orunesu):

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