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Dedicated numbers starting from 22 April

From Thursday 22 April Sardinian citizens over 80 who have not yet been vaccinated - for those for whom it was not possible to register on the dedicated regional portal - can book the administration by contacting the telephone number 1533 from the landline or the numbers 070.276424 by 30 April. 070.474747, for those calling from the mobile network.

Alternatively, you can send an email to writing your personal details, a telephone number and indicating the Municipality of residence or domicile.

Bedridden people over 80, or who in any case need inoculation at home, should contact their family doctor. If they are also severely disabled, cohabiting family members and caregivers will also be vaccinated.

As the Region explains in a note, "people with high frailty, which include those who have an exemption for pathology among those specifically indicated in the list that will be available shortly on the regional portal, the severely disabled and extremely vulnerable subjects in the care of specialized centers (cancer patients undergoing therapy, diabetics with organ damage and suffering from rare diseases), regardless of their year of birth, will be contacted directly by ATS again starting from 22 April ".

For those who have undergone an organ or stem cell transplant and those with severe disabilities, the vaccination of cohabiting family members and caregivers is required.

The other novelty concerns citizens who, despite having a pathology exemption code, do not fall into the highly frail category. "Those born between 1942 and 1957 belonging to this category will be able to register on the portal starting from 12 on 22 April and will receive a text message with the appointment for vaccination".

All those who do not fall into the non-resident categories but domiciled on the island for work or family assistance reasons or for any other justified reason that requires a continuous presence "will be able to express their adherence to the vaccination campaign by sending an email to: vaccine reservation. @ indicating name, surname, tax code, telephone number, municipality of residence and self-certification (with the model available shortly on the portal) which certifies the reasons for the continuous presence in the regional territory ".

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Vaccines, alarm for the frail Sardinians

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