Alpine rescue

In one year, 100 people saved in Sardinia: most of them are hikers

The balance of Sass' activity in 2020
una missione di soccorso (foto soccorso alpino)
Una missione di soccorso (Foto Soccorso Alpino)

Almost a hundred people were saved in Sardinia by the Alpine and Speleological Rescue during 2020.

The data are contained in the Sass activity report, relating to last year. In detail, in twelve months 239 technicians went into action, who rescued 91 people, in 58% of cases hikers, victims above all of falls and illness or loss of orientation.

Most of the interventions were carried out in July, often with the help of helicopters and dog units, while the area where the highest number of calls was recorded was Ogliastra.

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