House search in Sant'Elia: drugs and a mountain bike come out

A precision slingbar and about a thousand euros in cash are also seized
il materiale sequestrato (foto carabinieri)
Il materiale sequestrato (foto carabinieri)

A 49-year-old was arrested by the carabinieri of Cagliari-San Bartolomeo for being detained for the purpose of drug dealing.

The operation was staged yesterday morning in collaboration with the men of the Operational Section and the Dog Nucleus.

The military reached the Sant'Elia neighborhood to the home of a man in search of a stolen bicycle some time ago. Suspicious of his behavior, the carabinieri decided to bring in the dog unit. About 47 grams of pure cocaine and about 4 grams of marijuana were recovered from the house, contained in a large plastic bag.

During the search, a precision slingbar was also found, probably used to weigh the substance after cutting it, material for packaging the doses and the sum of about 1000 in cash, considered to be the proceeds of the illicit activity.

And, finally, also a mountain bike which the 49-year-old was unable to provide justification of ownership.

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