He continues to persecute his ex-wife: Assemini, 49, under house arrest

The man violated the ban on approaching places frequented by women
(foto carabinieri di cagliari)
(foto carabinieri di Cagliari)

This morning in Assemini the carabinieri of the local station carried out an order of subjecting to the measure of house arrest, issued by the Court of Cagliari against a 49-year-old from the place, separated, burdened by previous reports against for the crime of persecutory acts .

The provision arises from the violation of the precautionary, coercive, personal measure of the prohibition of approaching the places frequented by the offended person, identified in the ex-wife, issued against the man on January 23 last year.

Since the man had not respected the peremptory order to stay away from the woman, he moved on to the next stage. (Unioneonline / F)

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