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Insularity, the process of the bill begins in the Chamber and the Senate

"Sicily - says the Special Commission - will be a very valuable ally"
michele cossa (archivio l unione sarda)
Michele Cossa (Archivio L'Unione Sarda)

This morning, during the session of the Special Commission for the recognition of the principle of insularity - chaired by Michele Cossa dei Riformatori - the current situation was reviewed, in the light of the assignment of the draft law to the examination of the commissions of the two branches of Parliament.

Among the objectives, those of involving the Sardinian parliamentarians, the group leaders of the Chamber and Senate and asking the President of the Region to speak with the Government to speed up the process of the proposed law of the Regional Council "Extraordinary measures aimed at compensating the costs of the insularity of Sardinia ", unanimously approved by the Chamber during the Statutory session of 1 February and assigned to the V Permanent Commission of the Chamber and Senate.

The only article of which the text is composed, intends to rebalance Sardinia's GDP deficit, which the Bruno Leoni Institute has calculated amounts to 5,700 euros per capita per year, through the establishment of a "Fund for rebalancing and the development of Sardinia ". This fund will be fed by multi-annual funding from the European Union and the State for cohesion and rebalancing policies in disadvantaged, marginal and island regions and the overall annual needs will be determined by the "Comprehensive multiannual plan for rebalancing and development", presented and updated annually by the Sardinian Region.

The Commission has also decided to start collaboration with the University of Cagliari, with which a specific agreement has been signed, for the preparatory actions for the establishment of the European Group of Territorial Cooperation (EGTC) preparatory to the establishment of the Mediterranean Macroregion western. The estimate made by the Bruno Leoni Institute is actually of an average type because the fork starts from 3500 euros per capita to reach 7500 euros per capita. An even more significant figure if we consider that the average Sardinian per capita GDP was 21 thousand euros in 2020, compared to a deficit of 5700 euros for each of our citizens.

Unanimously, the Commission considered it useful to proceed with the involvement of Sardinian parliamentarians, even if none of them is part of the V Commission of the Chamber and Senate. And he assessed the importance of a speech by President Solinas on the President of the Council of Ministers, Mario Draghi, and on the Ministers of the Economy, Daniele Franco, of Economic Development, Giancarlo Giorgetti, and for the South and Territorial Cohesion, Mara Carfagna , so that the bill has a positive process.

"The recognition of insularity, when it arrives - comments Cossa - will not be a point of arrival but a starting point and it is necessary that all of us, the regional council and the council, are fully aware of our role and the importance of this moment The Recovery Plan is a unique, unmissable and unrepeatable opportunity, also in light of the Plan for the South illustrated a few days ago by Minister Carfagna: I believe that it is the responsibility not only of the Regional Council but of the entire Council to understand what the strategic interventions to be made, and collaborate so that the identification and continuation of these projects go forward in the best way ".

Equally important is the collaboration with Sicily which used the same methodology used by the Special Commission in its study of insularity. "Sicily - explains Cossa - will be for us an important and very valid ally in this process for the recognition of the right to be able to compare ourselves with other Italian and European regions on an equal footing, eliminating the economic and social gap caused by insularity".

During the session, the vice president Eugenio Lai (Leu), Dario Giagoni (Lega group leader), Giovanni Satta (Psd'Az), Giuseppe Meloni (Pd), Antonio Mundula (FdI), Roberto Caredda (Mixed) spoke.

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