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Wrong on the electric scooter, 19 year old fined in Cagliari

The carabinieri carried out checks on this very phenomenon
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(foto Cc Cagliari)

Against traffic on board your scooter.

A 19-year-old boy was fined in Cagliari for "failure to comply with the obligations imposed by vertical signs" as part of a check in which the Carabinieri of the Cagliari Company identified 28 people, 27 of whom were on board their respective electric scooters.

The military carried out an extraordinary territorial control service in the Villanova and Stampace districts, with the use of a total of seven patrols from the Villanova and Stampace stations as well as the Radiomobile Section of the same Company.

The objective was precisely to monitor a phenomenon in wide and rapid diffusion, that of the presence on roads and pavements of electric scooters, often whizzing at high speed and in a way that sometimes does not comply with the provisions of the highway code.

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