Rt index and declining infections on the island
"We're not safe yet"

Councilor Nieddu: "It would be a mistake to let your guard down in this delicate moment"

In Sardinia the virus is slowing down and in this second wave the peak could soon be behind us: the island is in fact among the regions of Italy where the expansion of the infection seems more under control.

But we certainly must not let our guard down: yesterday there were 375 new cases (down from 405 on Thursday) and nine victims (six men and three women between the ages of 66 and 96) and intensive care units are still to the limit of capacity.

Certainly the data are comforting: Sardinia maintains the primacy of the region with the lowest Rt contagiousness index in Italy, which dropped further from 0.78 to 0.71 . No one in Italy can boast such encouraging numbers, even if signs of improvement have come from all over the country, even from the areas most in crisis.

Good news also comes from the wards of the Covid wards: in fact, both patients admitted to non-intensive hospitals have decreased, from 535 to 528, and the more serious patients housed in intensive care units, now 71, two less than the day before.

The regional health councilor Mario Nieddu does not hide his satisfaction with the overall picture, but he certainly does not shout for victory: "It would be a mistake to let your guard down in this delicate moment - he says -, we are ever closer to overcoming the emergency, but the hospitals are still under pressure and thinking of being out of the tunnel would prove to be an unforgivable misstep, even in view of a possible third wave that would overlap with the seasonal peak of normal flu. That's why, instead, it arrived there. 'time to raise the tension even more, because we know that even a slight relaxation of attention would nullify the many sacrifices made so far by the Sardinians ".


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