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From Monday test for those arriving
Sardinia wants to defend itself

Anyone who enters the island will have to certify that they are negative, already today the obligation to wear a mask H24

H24 masks already today and coronavirus certificates of negativity for those entering Sardinia starting from Monday.

The President of the Region Christian Solinas adopted a new ordinance last night, with new "urgent extraordinary measures" aimed at residents and tourists and aimed at containing the Covid-19 epidemic.

Starting from Monday, passengers are asked to show up for boarding with a sheet stating that they have undergone a test and that the result is negative. Alternatively, it is possible to present a self-certification indicating the type of test carried out, the date of the exam and the public or private facility to which it was used.

If you are not certified, then you accept - after disembarking - to undergo a swab within 48 hours of arrival at the port or airport. In this case the passengers, "even if asymptomatic, are obliged to immediately communicate their entry into the island to the competent Sardinian ASL" and, pending the outcome of the swab, they must observe the fiduciary home isolation.

It will be the airport management companies, the Port Authority, the maritime directorates, the Port Authorities and the port managers to verify that the passengers have the certification of negativity, giving immediate communication of the names of those who do not have it to the general management of the 'Department of Health.

For those wishing to enter, the test to be indicated must be serological (IgG and IgM) or molecular (RNA) or rapid antigenic. Those who have already entered but without proof of negativity, agree to undergo a molecular or antigen test "to be carried out by means of a swab within 48 hours of entry".

Among the measures provided for by the provision, there is also the obligation to register for "all persons who intend to embark on airline or sea lines bound for Sardinia, regardless of their places of origin and for the sole purpose of monitoring the entrances and stays on the whole regional territory ".

Registration will take place by filling in a form to be sent electronically to the one-stop shop for regional services or via the Sardegna Sicura App downloadable on Ios and Android.

Furthermore, those who leave for the island will have to undergo a body temperature measurement.

"Passengers departing to Sardinia are prohibited from boarding if a temperature equal to or greater than 37.5 ° C is detected", reads the ordinance.

Finally, the masks: "With immediate effect - says the provision of Villa Devoto - it is mandatory throughout the region to wear respiratory tract protection (masks) for the whole day in all closed or open environments where It is possible to continuously guarantee the maintenance of a safety distance of at least 1 meter. Children under the age of 6 as well as people with disabilities are not subject to the obligation - specifies the Region.


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