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Women's day in science: many initiatives also in Cagliari

On 11 February, the sixth edition of the special day dedicated to science and gender equality
(foto via ansa da energygov)
(foto via Ansa da @EnergyGov)

The International Day of Women and Girls in Science is celebrated around the world on 11 February. Established by the UN and in its sixth edition, this year will be dedicated to the fundamental role played by female scientists, at the forefront in fighting the Covid-19 epidemic.

A CAGLIARI - INAF also takes the field with the opportunity with a series of initiatives to show the face of the other half of the sky, and speaking of its researchers, the metaphor is very appropriate. The appointments are also in Cagliari, with the online exhibition "Voci di Astronome" (link from the INAF website) and with the final event, starting at 3 pm, of the masterclass entitled "Women in Science".

The rector of the University of Cagliari Maria Del Zompo will open the proceedings, moderated by the organizers Viviana Fanti and Alessia Zurru under the direction of Matteo Tuveri, followed by Alberto Masoni, Director of INFN Cagliari and Susi Ronchi, President of Corecom will welcome them Sardinia and founder Giulia Sardinia journalists.

The word will then pass to the students, chosen as spokespersons for each team, who will present the work carried out during the scientific masterclasses. The speech by Anna Grassellino, director of the Quantum Materials and Systems Center of the Fermilab in Chicago and Woman of the Year 2020 for D of Repubblic, is also expected at 4 pm. At 5 pm it will be the turn of Marianna Fontana, a Sardinian researcher at CERN in Geneva.

The word will then pass back to the girls and boys, with their “Dream Factories”: visual representations of the place where they dream of working in the future, with a particular eye to the theme of inclusion. Moderated by Alessia Zurru and Paola Carboni, from the SUPERA Project Supporting the promotion of equality in research and academia. At 5.35 pm there will be the intervention "Let's learn to dare" by Patrizia Colella, physicist, school director and expert on gender issues of the cultural association "Women and Science".

In conclusion, the awarding of the best presentations of the groups that participated in the masterclasses.

SCIENCE AND GENDER EQUALITY - Science and gender equality are considered key to achieving the internationally agreed development goals, including the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and great efforts have been made in the last 15 years to inspire and engage women and girls in science. The data, however, say that we are still far from breaking through the so-called "glass ceiling", even if finally there is an awareness of the existence of the issue of gender discrimination, totally ignored for a long time.

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